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St. Joseph Vocational Training centre was started back in 1989, in order to respond to the needs on the community as far as youth empowerment was concerned. Since then the institution under different management has consistently maintained its niche in providing a wide range of skills to the youth of Kamuli and also to those of other areas within and without our dear republic. The current set of management team with the support of the various stakeholders is determined and committed to further the dreams of the founding members to the highest height possible.

Mandate of the Institution
The institution is mandated by the government to operate as a vocational training provider. It is to carry out its work of serving the youth by providing holistic development for enabling future employment, and operate income generating activities to subsidize training costs. All institution transactions and activities will be in compliance with Ugandan law.
Mission Statement
To accompany the youth in their journey towards integral development
Vision Statement
To be an institution where the youth learn to act and behave responsibly in all spheres of life
Our Ministry to the youth aims at building in them hope which emanates from our example of Christ and the Gospel values we witness to. We prepare them with vocational and business skills as well as skills for a life of dignity. We consider the  formation of faith, respect, love, justice, freedom, hard work and peace to be of primary importance.

In the past 30 years of its existence, St. Joseph’s vocational training center can proudly boast of the following achievements. The land on which it is currently located has been leased for its use for the next 99 years. We are grateful to the Bishop of Jinja Catholic diocese for granting us this favor, State of Art modern motor vehicle garage, Beautiful and accommodative classrooms and training workshops, a well organized youth centre and a number of students trained from the institution are now employed.
The enrollment has risen from a population of fifty students in 2002, to eight hundred students in 2018. The number of girls has been increasing though in a slow pace, the current ratio in 60 boys to 40 girls. It is our aim to raise the girl’s population to 50% by 2019. Last year, more than 600 youth joined the labor market from our school.

We have been awarded recognition by the Ministry of Education and Sports (M.O.E.S), Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB), the Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT) and Uganda Business Technical Examination Board (UBTEB) as a training provider with capacity to train the human resource needed in this country
Linkages and Networking
we have been able to establish good cooperation with local, national and international organizations with similar objectives of uplifting the youth from poverty. Plan Uganda, Private Sector Foundation Uganda, Swiss Contact Uganda, BTVET Institutions, Via Don Bosco from Belgium, Don Bosco from Germany, Junior Achievement Uganda, Sogn School and Askim School from Norway, all have contributed a great deal in enabling us to make Vocational Education more attractive, accessible and sustainable to the Youth.


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