Training Programs

Since the establishment of St.Joseph Vocational Training Centre Kamuli in 1989, there has been fundamental changes witnessed in all departments and sectors at our Institute.

The Staff members have been working clock wise to make the best use of both Human Resources, Financial Resources, Capital and other services. current we are having fifteen departments which are equipped with necessary equipments ,materials and other facilities needed by leaners.

We are recognized by ministry of  education and sport( M O E S)  ,having registered with Uganda national examination board (UNEB) ,Uganda business technical examination board (UBTEB), and directorate industrial training (DIT).

We are currently offering sixteen courses namely

  • Building Science
  • Plumbing and Welding
  • Electrical installation
  • Motor Vehicle Mechanics
  • Carpentry and joinery
  • Tailoring and cutting garments
  • Information Communication Technology
  • Business management
  • Hair Dressing and Beauty
  • Accountancy
  • Purchase and supplies
  • Marketing
  • Catering and Hotel management
  • Hairdressing and Beauty
  • Agriculture
  • Driving
  • Solar

What is the duration of courses?

  • National Certificate (2 years) – S.4 and above
  • DIT Certificate (2 levels/years) – P.7 and above
  • Management Certificate (1 year) – with out P.7
  • Management Certificate (3 months) – without P.7

These programs are divided into three:

The first group is made up of those who join after completing seven years of Primary Education, they undergo a three years training after which they are awarded a Junior Certificate by the Uganda National Examination Board (UPPET).Such Courses are

  • Building and Concrete Practice
  • Motor Vehicle Mechanics
  • Tailoring & Garment design
  • Hairdressing & Beauty

The second group is comprised of those who join after completing four years of secondary Education, their training takes two years and they too sit for nationally recognized exam and awarded a national certificate which can help them to advance with a diploma in any university.These include

  • National Certificate in Building Construction
  • National Certificate in Electrical installation systems & Maintenance
  • National Certificate in wood work technology
  • National Certificate in Plumbing
  • National Certificate in Automotive Mechanics
  • National Certificate in Fashion Design
  • National certificate in Hairdressing & Beauty
  • National Certificate in Catering & Hotel Management
  • National Certificate in Business Management
  • National Certificate in Accountancy
  • National Certificate in Agriculture


The third group is made up of those who due to varying reasons did not complete any recognized Academic level or they did but they are willing to undergo a non-formal skills training. For them the training rages from one month to one year and it is tailored to fit the learner’s needs.These include
  • Building and Concrete Practice
  • Computer Applications
  • Carpentry and Joinery
  • Welding & Sheet metal Fabrication
  • Motor Vehicle Mechanics
  • Tailoring & Garment design
  • Hairdressing & Beauty
  • Catering Level 1
  • Agriculture
  • Solar P.V
  • Driving

The group with the highest enrollment is the Certificate (after secondary education) followed by the skills based and then Junior (after Primary level) in the following respective order: 60%, 30% and 10%.




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