Registrar’s Speech for the 7th Graduation


28th. JULY. 2018

Our Chief Guest, the LC5, the DEO, the Education Secretary Diocese of Jinja, The Chairman Board and the executive, PTA and the Executive, Representatives from UBTEB, DIT, our partners, Plan, AVSI/SKY, standtall, members of parliament present, Salesians of Don Bosco from AGL, head teachers from sister institutions, religious leaders, The Rector Fr. Denis Habamungu, the Principal Fr. Phillip Gbao, all staff members, parents, Graduands, students, well wishers, protocol observed. Am very delighted that you have honoured our invitation on this auspicious day as St. Joseph Vocational Training Centre celebrates its 7th Graduation.

Our dear Chief Guest, today the 28th. July. 2018, our students who successfully completed and met the required standards of UBTEB, DIT and the institute in the year 2017 are now eligible to Graduate, a total of 397.

UBTEB 57 44 101
DIT 184 76 260
SCHOOL 20 16 36
TOTAL 261 136 397


Basing on the above, you realize that the number of females has increased as compared to last year and we are really grateful to our parents and partners for enabling this be so. You can also note that the number of students who are sitting for National Examinations both UBTEB and DIT has increased greatly which makes them well prepared for the world out there.

During training, our students are exposed to hands on training where they gain great experience that makes them easily get jobs. Foristance like in Building construction, they are trained on how to make modern bricks like inter locking bricks, interprete plans, make bills of quantities, and take on the construction itself from the foundation, to roofing and finishing. Foristance as part of Project work a course unit examined by UBTEB, last year students in this department were able to erect a fence at the girl’s hostel. This year they have constructed a girl’s kitchen and now finishing the music room, that you see on your right as you enter the institute.

Our graduands are in the following trades/course;

  • Carpentry and Joinery
  • Tailoring and Cutting Garments
  • Electrical Installation
  • Plumbing
  • Motor Vehicle Mechanics
  • Agriculture
  • Business Management
  • Accountancy
  • Hairdressing and beauty
  • Hotel and Institutional Catering


To the heads of schools present, we give career guidance to the candidates at no cost as a way of guiding them to make sound decisions that will enable them have a bright future.

With the new curriculum we are implementing, students upon finishing a National Certificate are now able to advance to diploma and can proceed to even greater heights. Its upon this background that I encourage the graduands not to be satisfied with the qualification attained so far, there is need to have more papers and experience so as to compete favourably in this competitive world.

I would like to congratulate the graduands, the parents and guardians, this is your day. Our dear parents have struggled and endeavored to meet the school requirements, meet tuition in time, provide for their necessities, sacrificed all they had , for their children to see to it that have a bright future. May God bless you.

In a special way I would like to appreciate AVSI sky for skilling the youths in Agri-Business, great impact is now being realized in the lives of many youths. For this period close to 200 students have already been trained with support from AVSI/SKY, we are really grateful for this and we still call upon your continued support.

Our Chief Guest, I would like to bring it to your notice that all training has been possible due to the tireless efforts of our instructors, they are very determined, hardworking and well trained to equip the learners with the different skills. Great appreciation.

At this juncture allow me call upon the heads of departments to come forth and present them to the Chief Guest for award ceremony;

  1. Njuku Peter – Hairdressing
  2. Ninkuhimbisa Robert – Building construction
  3. Tumushabe Editor – Electrical Installation
  4. Okello Ambrose – Tailoring and Cutting Garments
  5. Mukasa Abdullah – Carpentry and Joinery
  6. Mutala Innocent – Business Management & Accountancy
  7. Mukabya David – Plumbing and Welding
  8. Nabifo Suzan – Catering
  9. Emayu Emmanuel – Motor Vehicle Mechanics
  10. Isabirye Eriabu – Agriculture.


Thank you all for coming to witness the Graduation and I do wish you journey mercies as you go back.

God bless






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