St.Joseph VTC Kamuli holds its 8th graduation Ceremony

On 28th May, St. Joseph vocational training centre kamuli held its 8th graduation ceremony.

Over 1125 students who successfully completed their studies in 2018,2019,2020 and 2021 graduated in the different courses offered at the institution. 215 male and 119 female students were examined by the Uganda Business Technical Examinations Board ( UBTEB) awarding them  National Certificates , 413 male and 278 female were assessed by Directorate of industrial training .

In his Speech, the Principal Fr. Ferdinand Ntunzwenimana argued the graduands to live by the example of Don Bosco by being honest ” You have been at saint Joseph, from where you received a Don Bosco’s spirit. You may forget whatever Don Bosco used to tell his young people, but do not forget the call to honesty. Honesty is the only virtue that will make you be successful and peaceful. You have been singing daily the school anthem; remember some of its words like ‘no pain, no gain’; let it still be your motto, and make you not only look for gain, but reminds you to accept the pain that might precede the gain.”

The chief guest  Dr. Roswitha Kremser ( the head of delegation for the Austrian Embassy) argued the graduands to take her example and continue with further studies since she is  a product of Vocational Education. She also said that the Austrian Development cooperation is proud to be partners with St.Joseph Vocational Training Centre because of their good performance. She pledged to continue supporting and partnering with the institution.

Mr. Jjengo Fred, the institution’s Director of studies assured the congregation that they have produced graduates who are well prepared and ready to join the labour market ” During training, our students are exposed to hands on training where they gain great experience that makes them easily get jobs.”

He also said that the institution offers career guidence to the candidates ” To the heads of schools present, we give career guidance to the candidates at no cost as a way of guiding them to make sound decisions that will enable them have a bright future.”

Don Bosco Centres are planning to Pattern with recruiting agencies which take domestic workers out of Uganda to offer a short course on house- keeping, self care, rights, etc. Last year 24,000 left Uganda. Rev.Fr. Lazar Arasu said on one of the Don Bosco platforms  “I have counted about 8 past pupils from Bombo, kamuli left recently for the Gulf countries, We can work with recruiting agencies”   Watch the space

Compiled by  Walya Peter

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