Mentoring Leaders for a better tomorrow

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Institutions  increasingly use a range of approaches for the evaluation and assessment of students leaders. These are used as tools for understanding better how well they can handle and manage other students in the institutions and how they should behave in the society.

On Thursday 23rd June 2022, St.Joseph Vocational Training Centre Kamuli held a leadership workshop for the new Guild Cabinet in the institution’s Library. The Sessions kicked off as early as 8:00 am , being conducted by Rev.Fr. Charles Kapuupa and the institution Principal Re. Fr. Ferdinand Ntunzwenimana.

They explained to the guild members the art of successful leadership, how leadership is a practice of managing and handling other parties to achieve a specific goal. They further discussed the characteristics of a good leader ie. Being God fearing, Kindness, being exemplary, being accountable, among others.Fr. Charles also discussed about the different leadership styles, their merits and demerits, the causes of strikes in institutions.

Guild members were emphasized to be leaders not rulers. Fr. Charles explained that a a ruler is  a person who governs people by exercising dominion (dictates)  and controlling using his/her powers against their will. He argued the guild members to be leaders by using their authority to direct , lead and manage fellow students to the right path. The leaders were advised to exercise their duties as they were assigned to them.

The training was concluded by reminding the leaders of the institution’s mission and they were argued to help fellow students to have life with a purpose and useful skills.

Written By Makula Stella ( Minister of Internal affairs 2022/2023)

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