Alter Servers Day Celebrations

By Br.Fred Wamare

Among the Many Clubs found at St. Joseph VTC Kamuli, We have The Altar Servers’ Club…. A
very strong Club around the school Campus!
Saturday 17th Nov 2018, was the Club’s Annual Sharing Day, which involved many activities
like prayer, altar servers’ Training, evaluation of all the activities in The year, planning for the
coming year and then communal work, where by the collected all the plastics around Don
Bosco Kamuli Community, And all this was organised And overseen by Br. Fred Wamare SDB,
one of the Salesians in Kamuli.
Something About Serving At The Altar.
Altar Servers are servant leaders. They serve by assisting the priest in many ways: by carrying
the crucifix, holding the Roman Missal, and helping to prepare for the consecration during the
Liturgy of the Eucharist. They lead by their example as they listen carefully during the Liturgy
of the Word and as they attend to their duties with dignity and reverence. Serving the people
of God by serving at the Altar is a way of growing closer to God.

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