St. Joseph Vocational Training Centre Kamuli
St. Joseph VTC, P.O.Box173, Kamuli,Uganda - E.Africa.


St. Joseph Vocational Training center is situated in Bukolobe Zone, Lubaga to Butangala Road near Lubaga Catholic Mission, 3 km from Kamuli Town center and 60 kms from Jinja. It is commonly known as ‘TECHNICAL’.

Our centre is a Catholic institution operating within Jinja Catholic Diocese. It is owned and managed by the Salesians of Don Bosco, an international religious society that has similar institutes in 132 countries.

As a Catholic institution, it follows catholic principles, giving integral formation, taking care of learners’ physical, intellectual, social and spiritual needs. The centre has completed 34 years of existence (Since1989) and today it stands as one of the largest private vocational institutes in Uganda. 

Don Bosco wanted his missionaries to reach out to many young people by offering them skill based vocational education, hence giving them a brighter future.

Our Ministry to the young aims at building in them hope which emanates from our example of Christ and the Gospel values we witness to.

We prepare them for life with technical skills as well as with skills for a life of dignity. We consider the formation of faith, respect, love, justice, freedom, and peace to be of primary importance.

We offer excellent opportunity for practical and theoretical knowledge. We ably prepare students for adult life. Every student fulfils his/her academic potential. Teachers and students pursue excellence in teaching and learning.

Our students develop a love of learning, both individually and with others, and acquire a wide range of learning skills. We create an environment in which students are confident in their ability and increasingly ready to take responsibility for their own learning.

Every student is offered opportunities to enhance his/her spiritual life through a variety of spiritual exercises in the school. Every student receives good pastoral care within an ethos of tolerance and mutual respect rooted in Christian values.

Students develop relationships with peers and adults in a way that prepares them for life beyond school. They acquire a sense of responsibility and self-discipline and benefit from a wide range of opportunities for leadership and the management of others. Our students benefit from a comprehensive personal and social education that helps them to happily lead moral and fulfilling lives.

We provide a varied range of activities beyond the curriculum that will help them experience a sense of well-being and self-confidence that arises from good health and fitness. Students discover and develop their own skills and interests at school in preparation for adult life.

students are adventurous and participate in a range of activities, appreciating the rewards of teamwork and are given the opportunity for personal achievement and fulfillment in a way befitting their own aspirations.

The school recognizes the crucial importance of its staff in pursuing the aims above and, as a good employer, undertakes to provide them with appropriate support in order to becoome deserving role models to the students they teach.

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