St.Joseph Vocational Training Centre Kamuli
St. Joseph VTC, P.O.Box173, Kamuli,Uganda - E.Africa.
Trainers empowerment workshop under the theme; “Teacher as a role model of society” held at St Joseph VTC, Kamuli.

Teachers are the cornerstone of education, entrusted with the noble responsibility of shaping the future of our society. With this great privilege comes an even greater responsibility – to adhere to a stringent code of conduct. A teacher’s behaviour, ethics, and professionalism have a profound impact not only on students but on the entire educational ecosystem.

On 12th September a workshop was organized for all trainers/formators of Saint Joseph VTC under the theme “Teacher as a role model of society”. In his presentation Fr John Kitimbo the facilitator asked staff to continue building positive relationships with students, and to train for both examination excellence and industry relevancy as well as to live exemplary lives in their daily activities even outside school.

Trainers, social workers and support staff were all reminded of the sacred duty that they are entrusted with, one that goes beyond imparting knowledge, from development of future generations to the shaping of society’s values.

The participants appreciated the administration of St Joseph VTC Kamuli for organizing the workshop, affirming that such empowerment programs were important in resharpening the capabilities of the trainers eventually benefitting students both in class/workshops and on the compound.

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