St.Joseph Vocational Training Centre Kamuli
St. Joseph VTC, P.O.Box173, Kamuli,Uganda - E.Africa.
Youth Graduate in Solar PV Studies

In March 2021 St. Joseph Vocational Training Centre Kamuli signed a memorandum of understanding with the Association of SENDEA Uganda limited to train freelance technicians in design, installation and maintenance of PV solar systems and solar for productive use.

On 28TH July 2023, 11 participants graduated after undergoing six weeks training that started on 5TH June 2023.

Training objectives

  • To be able to know the off grid solar photovoltaic components.
  • To be able to install a photovoltaic off grid solar system.
  • To be able to maintain a photovoltaic off grid solar system.
  • To size a photovoltaic solar system.
  •  To carry out solar water pumping installation and maintenance

The training is aimed at equipping freelance technicians with market relevant knowledge and skills. After six weeks of training, participants are assessed by DIT and also receive a tool box funded by STIFTUNG SOLARENERGIE.

The programme is targeted at unemployed youth and is designed to train them as solar photovoltaic (PV) service technicians, capable of being employed thereafter, either at PV plants or to conduct rooftop solar PV installations.

Upon the completion of the programme, qualified learners will be able to plan, design and install a PV system.

As part of the training, the participants will also learn about the operation and maintenance of such a system to ensure its continued operation.

The programme is important to build the required solar PV skills capacity that is critical to implement Uganda’s plans to ramp up the generation of electricity and to enable businesses and households to invest in rooftop solar.

Kyozaire LoyFlorence , CEO Association of Sendea Members Uganda says this training  programme will be a catalyst towards alleviating the challenges of a “staggering” youth unemployment rate and the persisting energy supply shortages.

“As an institution, we advocate for a Just Transition that is focused on social inclusion and the creation of decent work and quality jobs,” she adds.

Therefore,  it is important that the youth are capacitated to take advantage of such opportunities.

The programme will encompass knowledge, practical and work experience components. During the work experience component, participants will gain the requisite exposure needed to qualify as solar PV technicians, which will assist them in securing employment in the renewable energy sector.

“We, therefore, call on renewable energy independent power producers, advisory companies, engineering procurement and construction companies, operations and maintenance companies and solar PV installation companies to collaborate with us in providing work exposure to the learners enrolled into the programme,” Loy.

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