St.Joseph Vocational Training Centre Kamuli
St. Joseph VTC, P.O.Box173, Kamuli,Uganda - E.Africa.
Fr Alphonse Owoudou visit to the Salesian community of Kamuli

By Alfred Ntagungira.

 Fr Alphonse Owoudou councilor of the Africa-Madagascar region visited the Salesians of Don Bosco community of Kamuli from 30th June to the 2nd of May. While there, he met with trainees, trainers and other staff of St Joseph VTC Kamuli, and delivered to them a special message from the Rector major. Trainees expressed their excitement of meeting the regional councilor during their time of stay at the institute.

Fr Alphonse emphasized living together as a family in order to create a supportive and nurturing environment within the Salesian community. This emphasis aligns with the ethos of Don Bosco, who believed in the importance of forming strong relationships and providing a sense of belonging to young people, giving them home that’s beyond shelter but rather, a place where mutual care, respect, and solidarity prevail.

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